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InstaWeather 3
InstaWeather Friends

New skins and features will let anyone, weather reporters or everyday users, create their own customizable weather reports to share with others.

InstaWeather 3.0

InstaWeather Friends

Introducing InstaWeather Friends, a new feature that shows you the weather conditions that your closest friends are experiencing in real-time! No more city searching! Just connect your InstaWeather to Facebook and instantly see your friends’ current forecasts.

New skins that include your friends!

Going on a trip with your friends?
With InstaWeather, you can tag your friends with a few clicks and Instaweather will add their Facebook profile pictures to your photo.
It will even auto tag your friends in Facebook check-ins!

Weather Wars!

Who’s winning when it comes to weather?
Are you living in sunny San Francisco while your friend is being blown away by the wind in Chicago? InstaWeather lets you tout your good fortune and challenge him/her to a weather war!
So whose weather is better? :)
Show us!

Weather battle!

Location check-ins

Are you on a trip? Do you want to check-in to share your current weather?
Now, in InstaWeather 3 you can check-in from the app and share your actual weather on Facebook.

iOS 7 friendly

In InstaWeather 2 we designed a brand new look, now we’ve taken it to the next level. InstaWeather 3 is more polished and better optimized for the beautiful iOS 7 design. Check out the flat clean interface and new menus.

io7 friendly

iOS 7 photo filters

Now you can add cool iOS 7 filters to your photos.

iOS 7 filters

Weatherman mode and custom logo

We also worked with Mike Favetta from NEWS12 TV to develop a new module where you can add your own weather data, as well as your own logo. Not just made for meteorologists, resort and hotel managers will love this new feature. Give it a try;
you won’t regret it.


Mike Favetta, Meteorologist, News 12 The Bronx and News 12 Brooklyn

“InstaWeather Pro is exactly what I'm looking for when wanting to drive viewers to my station's social media sites or tease them to tune in on TV. Posts are always more effective with photos and links. Since my posts are primarily weather related, InstaWeather Pro does exactly what I need it to do – it gives a small bit of weather information to drive viewers to our News12 website or News 12 app to find the rest of my forecast. As a certified broadcast meteorologist, I take pride in preparing my own forecast each day. The weatherman mode allows me to enter my own forecast numbers, choose my own weather icons, and even overlay my station's logo right on the picture.”

weather map

Instant World Weather Report

The new social features allow you to see the weather through the lens of InstaWeather users all over the world via our interactive map